When Betting on Sports, Leave the Action Outside the Sports Book

sports) and there are crowds of men watching 15 TV screens at once. They’re clutching handfuls of tickets from betting sports of all kinds… football, basketball, hockey, college and pro… all betting on these games at the same time.

They’re cheering one screen and screaming at the next. It’s a raucus atmosphere and can’t be matched anywhere else for the true sports fan. These gamblers all have one thing in common: They’re there for the “ACTION”.

I remember the last time I was in Vegas with my “Band of Betting Brothers” and the afternoon college games had just finished. We’re on our way our to our traditional Lawry’s Prime Rib dinner and one of the guys stops me on the way out the door and says, “Larry, give me a pick in the late Hawaii game, I gotta have some action during dinner.”

This mindset of always needing to have some money “working” on one game or another is the epitome of the rush a gambler gets from betting sports. Unfortunately, it’s another sample of the behaviors the casino owners are counting on from the gamblers in their fine hotels.

It makes no sense. The sooner a gambler starts to look at a bet on sports as an investment rather than a gamble, he will become a bettor instead of a gambler… a better bettor at that!

You need discipline, but the way to minimize risk and maximize earnings when betting sports is to analyze the games, find your top one, two or three plays, and play those games ONLY. If you play a whole slate of 15 to 20 games, what are the odds you’re going to come out ahead? Also, if you do lose, you will probably lose big.

The better way to approach it is to consolidate your wagers into a small number of games, bet the same amount for each bet (remember, each bet is a 50/50 proposition, there are no odds so you don’t do yourself any favors by weighting your bets across multiple games), and wait for the results happy that you have enough “action” for the day.

Sports Betting Strategies System, Sports Book Tips

How much would you value this gift, how much money would you invest when placing a bet? Predicting sports picks is an art that takes an incredible amount of research and analysis in order to find the winning selections. An unbelievable amount of data is collected, from statistical data to environmental data, once this precious information is gathered, it is entered into a computer software program to aid making the process of establishing the best possible game result. But that is not all, once the first part of the equation is compiled and completed (data entered in the software program), the human element is also added to the equation. The coaching staff, the location of the game being played, players injury reports are also taken under consideration and many other factors that can affect the turnout of the match or the game. Finally when the second part of the equation is added, a more precise and accurate prediction can then be taken regarding the outcome of an event.

Betting online is a very similar form of gaming or gambling, There are many risks associated with sports betting, you have to be reasonable about it, no body really knows what’s in the bag so pay the mortgage first along with the rest of your bills, a good idea is to put some money aside for the rainy days, of course everyone has to enjoy life and spend a bit of fun time following one’s passion, so with that being said, in sports betting like any type of gambling , the better has to take a chance, make his decision based on intelligent research to minimize his or her loss. Any form of gambling has its risks and probabilities. Is today your lucky day , you will never know until you try.

All The Good in Sports – Book Review

Sports personalities are so often revered for their physical accomplishments or else shunned for their moral faults. The world puts these people on a pedestal and expects them not to be human. Mike Sandrolini takes a closer look and finds something spectacular to cheer about in his offering, “All the Good in Sports: True Stories That go Beyond the Headlines.”

With twenty contemporary sports personalities, sportswriter Sandrolini goes behind the top scores and record breaking events to get personal with the special purpose of each of these stars. They are all quite human and reveal their humbling efforts to share their faith. Christian Hosoi, of skateboarding fame, shares his story of finding God in his jail cell. Mariano Rivera, Yankees’ 1999 World Series MVP, explains how he is grateful to God and how he enjoys gathering with young minor leaguers for Bible study. Mary Lou Retton, the famed gold medal winning gymnast, is now a motivational speaker and author and openly shares her dedication to being a Christian. Matt Hasselbeck, Ruth Riley, Payne Stewart, and Dave Downing, among others, also reveal their faith.

Clearly demonstrating that it’s not all about the multi millions, Wheaties boxes, and adoring fans, the athletes exhibited here are so much more. Author Mike Sandrolini presents a higher purpose than winning the game in his stories. Well presented and interesting to read, the collection is based on sports and faith. To any Christian sports enthusiast, this book is sure to be a huge inspiration.

All the Good in Sports